Bowser fuel management – DFuel

Fuel monitoring starts here

Diesel and Petrol sales in South Africa total more than R800million per day. The theft of fuel is a massive industry and this valuable commodity forms part of a system that is costing companies dearly. Most businesses do not know where and when the fuel is being stolen, believing that it is drained or siphoned on the side of the road. This is not always the case, and our research shows that most stolen fuel never reaches the vehicle’s tank.

fuel management

BowserHow it works

A fuel sensor is installed with a communication device giving you updates of your fuel levels every 4 minutes.


Accurate Delivery

Make sure the fuel you are charged for is actually delivered.

Theft Notification

Notification via SMS when fuel is being stolen.

Live Monitoring

View your vehicles and bowsers live from anywhere in the world. Updated every few minutes 24/7

Odd shaped Tanks

Sensors can be programmed to learn the profile of odd shaped tanks

Multiple Tanks

A sensor can be installed in each tank on multi tank vehicles, giving a single value of the total fuel

From Delivery to Production

With fully functional fleet management software included you can manage vehicles and monitor fuel usage very accurately.