DCAM: MDVR system to monitor drivers visually

Is seeing the future possible? No, but in the future seeing is possible.

See your drivers every move

Now, with the Digit DCAM MDVR system (mobile digital video recorder) you can monitor your driver’s behaviour in the vehicle. It can be used for accident or incident recording or just on a daily basis to follow up suspicious stopping or driver activity. See how many people are in the vehicle at all times and feel reassured that having an extra eye on your road makes your his productivity a little bit better.




Best in fleet management

The Digit range of product, offers functionality ranging from simple stolen vehicle recovery, and electronic logbooks, right up to comprehensive fleet management and reporting.

Functionality includes 24 hour diesel level monitoring, even when the vehicle is turned off, driver identification, temperature measuring and much more.

Complete control room supplied means the customer is equally empowered to track and review all vehicles. The system requires very little internet bandwidth to complete all functions, and most reporting can be done completely offline.


In-vehicle camera systems

Mobile DVR systems are becoming the necessity to manage driver behaviour and mitigate risks, either to prevent incidents or to attribute the correct post-accident blame.

Physical storage media from the systems can be retrieved and viewed on playback software, which offers visual information regarding events, that is simple to find when used in conjunction the fleet-management system.

Live camera view options, means that even if your vehicle is miles away, you can see what is happening in the driver’s cab, in the load area or even on the road ahead.