Download and install the standard map set here. This file should be installed before you install the latest digit software.
The Digit Cape town server is our biggest server and most of our clients are loaded on this server
Download and install after the standard map set was installed. This file should be installed to the same directory as the map set.
Download for an in depth understanding of the Digit software.
Download for an in depth understanding of the Digit unit. This server was established for testing of our latest products and is very small in comparison to the CPT server
Google earth can be used in conjunction with the Digit software.
At Digicell we pride ourselves in the fact that we use only the best in manufacturing components.
Here are links to some of our associated technologies:

There are two user Log-in levels

Customer – users may login and see basic functions such as GPRS data usage and GPS logs.
Distributor – for official distributors only. More functions are available such as creating customer logins, the ability to lock units, edit details and change customer passwords.

Digit was always running on one server but from 2010 we will be starting a second server to prevent high demands on our current server.
At Digicell we don’t want our service levels to go down because of slower download times so we addressed the challenge by creating a mirror image of our current speedy server. This allows for the expansion of services and also provides a backup system should the either server go down.