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Even with limited or no knowledge of vehicles, electronics or telecommunications, if you possess the right attitude and are willing to make an effort, digit vehicle tracking can help you achieve the success you desire.

The Digit Formula

Since trading commenced over 10 years ago, the Digit Vehicle Tracking turnkey model has been refined to the extent that with only a few days’ training, new franchisees can hit the ground running. The re-seller model promoted by the franchisor affords distributors a unique opportunity to earn recurring revenue that will make income flows more predictable and carry the business through the quieter months. Even with limited or no knowledge of vehicles, electronics or telecommunications, if you possess the right attitude and are willing to make an effort, Digit can help you achieve the success you desire.

The Digit Offering

Digit Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management is a solutions provider to the logistics, trucking and consumer market. In addition to traditional vehicle tracking they offer fleet management services including solutions to reduce the cost of running company vehicles and to reduce the operational losses resulting from abuse and fuel theft. Digit DFuel is the clear leader in diesel management and their remote monitoring of live fuel systems can be used on vehicles as well as static fuel bowsers in order to view live levels and report thefts. With the ability to monitor refuelling events from anywhere in the world, operators can streamline operations and eliminate pilfering. The Digit product range has also been extended to include vehicle camera systems referred to as Mobile DVRs (Digit Video Recorders). Although this technology has been around for a long time, it is gaining in popularity as operators strive to reduce their risk and liability. Unlike the entry-level dash cams used by noncommercial consumers, Digit’s high-end technology offers superb quality hardware designed as tamper-proof, permanent installation systems. Improved cellular coverage and affordable data means that, in addition to storing data, fleet owners can now also view exactly what is happening in real-time through live video. Digit Vehicle’s ridealong feature allows owners to check on their drivers whilst storing vital information in the event that an accident or loss incident occurs. It is their policy to strive for complete customer satisfaction, ensuring that each purchase delivers savings well beyond its cost and management effort.


International & Local supply

With their passion for quality and by partnering with high-end suppliers who are the best in their field, Digit delivers products that offer great features, excellent reliability and a long life expectancy. While Digicell has opted to manufacture their own high-spec tracking and fleet management devices, some products and components are imported, either because of the cost implication or technological advances that cannot be matched locally. Manufacturing locally enables them to control and manage the design and development of their devices whilst contributing to the economy through their support of local component suppliers.

Training & Support

Today, GPS and cellular communications form part of everyday life, so understanding the basis of the technology employed by Digit is not rocket science, but it is the advanced features they offer that place them at the forefront of this ever-developing technology. Heading up the training and dealer development department, Lee Bester prides himself on the level of training and support offered to new dealers. While the company encourages a culture of learning, the extensive network of distributors and installers means that it is not necessary for distributors to complete all the training on offer. For distributors who want to specialise in some of the more advanced aspects of fleet management, specialised training courses are available. To further assist dealers in building their business the company employs lead-generating systems that identify customers by area.
The annual conference held in the first quarter of each year offers an opportunity for networking and it is here that friendships have developed that extend beyond business.

Join the Digit Family

The Digit solution continues to evolve, in keeping with changing trends and market developments. Your business can grow with us and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your future with the Digit team. Although the branches are technically competing with each other, there is a real sense of ‘team’ in the Digit family. In fact,
founding member Rordon Cowley often comments on the willingness displayed by the branches to help one another.

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