Live Fuel for fleet and Bowser monitoring is a reality!!

Diesel Theft is unfortunately something we have to live with in South Africa. It’s the biggest revenue skimmer of the logistics industry and is hard to manage due the difficulty of obtaining accurate usage information.

If you have a fleet of vehicles it is very difficult to keep track of not only where your vehicles are but also what they are loading and moving and what fuel they are using. Live Fuel monitoring is a reality, however most tracking companies in South Africa still can’t offer this service to their clients and steer them away by future promises and alternative reports that don’t address this problem properly, or at all.


With Digit DFuel usage reports and fuel theft notifications you will always know precisely what goes in to your vehicle tanks. When filling up, verify the amount of fuel added and ensure it is not being skimmed into other containers. Fuel normally gets stolen when the during refueling because most operators do not suspect the filling station pump attendants, but there have been cases where they work with truck drivers in theft syndicates. Read more here

The agricultural and mining industries are eligible for subsidised fuel, Read more here however the task of proving the usage is often tedious. With Digit DFuel the headache can be removed by using the electronic reports which will identify how much fuel was added to each vehicle.

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Digit DFuel has launched their new bowser controller, which is packed with features to make the control and management of fuel being dispensed even easier.

The system now uses iButton tags to identify which vehicle is being refuelled. When the operator arrives at the bowser he simply touches the vehicle Tag on the controller to initialise the pump. After the fuel is dispensed the report will show how much fuel was dispensed and allocate it to the correct vehicle.

The DFuel bowser system can handle up to 250 vehicle Tags and can be programmed to notify the manager when fuel is dispensed or if the bowser is refilled. As an additional feature the system can also notify the manager if fuel is drained (stolen) without starting the pump.

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The comprehensive reports from the Digit management software means that you can see how much fuel was pumped from the storage tank and correctly allocate it to each vehicle. Additionally if the DFuel system is fitted to the vehicle, one can confirm that the dispensed volume of fuel was actually added to the vehicle.

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