We sell solutions not tracking

Digit Vehicle Tracking for fleet and fuel management has solutions for businesses with fleets of any size, designed to reduce their cost and improve efficiency. Each branch is independently owned, so the consultant you deal with, has a vested interest in his business and takes personal pride in tailoring a solution, that suits your needs. Instead of dealing with the typical call-centre environment you enjoy a face to face, first name experience with Digit and we take care to know as much as possible about your business.

This philosophy is exactly the same way that Digicell head office deals with each Digit branch because we believe that establishing relationships is important. We care about your business, we acknowledge that your fleet is a huge cost and responsibility, so we strive to assist you in managing the risk.
When utilised correctly the Digit Tracking and DFuel management solutions are sure to save you much more money than they cost. Ultimately the savings coupled with the improved efficiency should make that difference that can be clearly seen on your balance sheet. Click on image below to read more on our Fuel Product