Preventing Diesel fuel theft in South Africa

How to prevent Diesel theft in South Africa

Fuel theft is something effecting most transport companies. With most of these thefts the drivers are involved but in some of the cases fuel is stolen without the knowledge of the driver. So here are a few points on how to prevent Diesel theft from your vehicles.

  1. Park in a well lit and well populated area in a secure parking lot. If there is a lot of movement, thieves tend to not try any funny business.
  2. Create a “No Parking” list. If there are garages where you possibly think that theft occurred, include them on this list and try and avoid them completely in future.
  3. Unfortunately fuel theft in South Africa is a big business and it is on the rise. Theft can occur at any place. Just stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

If all else fails install a digit Dfuel monitoring device and receive SMS notification when a fuel theft occurs. It will give you peace of mind knowing someone is always on guard.