The mind is for having ideas not keeping them

Welcome to our first #BusinessMindsThursday where we will feature Leo Burnett’s phrase.

Everybody has great Ideas but do they always generate something from them?

Here are a quick 5 points on how to engage them by David Allen.

Nr 1 – Capture anything that’s  on your mind, what’s grabbing your attention, what’s pulling or pushing on you. You need to capture that, by writing it down and getting it out of your head.

Nr 2 – Clarify and organize what you wrote down. The idea, what do I need to do about the idea? I need to assess and break it down in smaller parts. Identifying first of all what’s pulling on you, what’s the action step you need to take and what are the outcomes that you’re committed to complete about that.

Nr 3 – Make a list of all your projects, a list of all the calls you need to make, a list of all the things you need to pick up at the store.

Nr 4 – is once you’ve done a list, you have to engage with that appropriately, otherwise it will crawl back up into your head  essentially you’ll be using your head as your system again, and your head is a terrible system.

Nr 5 – is engaging. How do I engage once I’ve captured, clarified and organized my stuff? How do I review and reflect on this idea so I can see it and then make a good choice intuitively about what I will do towards it?